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image of Altair 8800

Altair 8800

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image of Computer Notes

Computer Notes

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image of Ed Roberts (1941-2010)

Ed Roberts (1941-2010)

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image of Bill Gates (b. 1955)

Bill Gates (b. 1955)

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PDP Planet
PDP Planet is a portal into the Paul Allen collection of Digital Equipment Corporation mainframes and minicomputers.

Paul Allen's web site
Find out what Paul Allen is interested in currently.

Bill Gates Interview
Transcript of 1993 video oral history from the Smithsonian Institution.

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Paul Allen (b. 1953)
Co-founder of Microsoft.
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“We have a BASIC”
Inspired by the cover of Popular Electronics, Paul Allen and Bill Gates wrote Altair BASIC, the first software for a home computer.
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The Magazine That Changed the World
Personal computing’s most famous magazine cover, featuring the Altair 8800.
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A Little Company Called Microsoft
Microsoft wasn’t always huge. In the early days it was a small group of friends living together and working all hours.
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Interactive computing, ’60s style.
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