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Introduced: 1976
Price: $1095 kit, $1495 assembled
CPU: 2MHz Intel 8080A
Designed by: Lee Felsenstein and Bob Marsh
Manufactured by: Processor Technology

Processor Technology was one of the first companies to make accessory boards for the Altair. One of their first products was a 4K memory board that was considerably cheaper than the unreliable MITS 4K board. They soon began making replacement motherboards for the Altair. Their version had 18 expansion slots, while the Altair had only 4. From these products it was a small step to building their own computer.

The Sol-20 was a single board computer like the Apple I, which appeared a few months earlier. Unlike the Apple I, it came with a case and keyboard, and was S-100 compatible through a 100-pin edge connector. It was possibly the first home computer with a built-in keyboard.

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